Inside Linux and Wi-Fi Atheros AR9271 drivers

Posted: 5 aprila, 2015 in IT

Inside Linux and Wi-Fi Atheros AR9271 drivers (ath9k)

Hello Linux fans!

I’m Linux researcher and I love Debian based distributions, Ubuntu and Linux Mint. In this case, I want to share my experience with Linux and driver, which are not default installed with Linux installation from CD/DVD/USB drive. I had on may laptop Linux Mint 17 distribution. Ethernet LAN card is worked correctly, but Wireless adapter has become a nightmare . I had read many different blogs and forums, but nowhere find simple solution!

I had on my HP Compaq laptop 2 different Wireless adapters. Intel PRO/Wireless 4965 AG (integrated) and Atheros AR9271 (USB Wi-Fi adapter). None of the devices did not work! Really bad, because I need Wi-Fi immediately on this laptop!

My choice was TL-WN722N with Atheros AR9271 chipset. This device has better Wireless signal gain – 4dBi.
For more information read link here: TL-WN722N

1.) Check our Wireless device chipset: 

If you have integrated wireless adapter, run in Linux terminal command: lspci
Example: Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN [Kedron] Network Connection 

Because we have USB Wireless adapter, we must run in Linux terminal command: lsusb
Here is our Wireless adapter:  Atheros Communications, Inc. AR9271 802.11n

2.) Installed drivers who aren’t worked for me!

I try to find solution, but this two cases aren’t worked for me! 

a) Atheros ath9k – Debian web page
b) Supported Atheros devices
c) This Atheros drivers are not available in Synaptic Package Manager!

We have user friendly Linux distribution and we want simply install driver.  Who are .deb packages?

3.) Finally, here is solution …

I find .deb drivers  on web page and many thanks this user for sharing!

Download links:
a) Download from
b) Download from here. 

When file is downloaded go to Terminal and run:

a) First, give permissions to file: chmod 777 ath9k_htc-installer_1-0-4.deb   
b) Then install driver: sudo dpkg -i ath9k_htc-installer_1-0-4.deb

And now another surprise:
After installation is everything looked great, but I can’t see any Wireless SSID name in my Linux Network Manager.
Nice, that was big disappointment!

I remembered then another Linux Network Manager who called – WICD.
You can download this tool from Debian web page: Wicd download

After many hours researching and reading many web pages, finally, we have Wireless internet connection!







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